Media blasts Trump for voter fraud claims, where were they during the recount ignominy?

In its latest attempt to smear the Trump presidency, media giants like CNN have chastised President Trump for claiming millions voted illegally in the presidential election.  These outlets are quick to point out that Trump cannot provide substantial evidence to support this claim, though the possibility and likeliness of illegal voter fraud is obvious.

CNN states that numerous studies show no evidence of widespread voter fraud.  They craftily use a quote from “The Truth About Voter Fraud” from The Brennan Center for Justice

“Given this tiny incident rate for voter impersonation fraud, it is more likely that an American will be struck by lightning than that he will impersonate another voter at the polls,” reads the report.”

Nice Try CNN!  Trump however, is not talking about Americans impersonating other Americans, he’s talking about Illegal immigrants that showed up to vote in states like California, and were possibly allowed to have their votes counted.

While looking at this anti-Trump headline at the top of, one should ask where was this call for evidence during Jill Steins recount drama?   No evidence was presented by Stein, or the media to support claims of hacked voting machines in 3 separate states.  The only support offered for these crooked claims were that it was possible to hack the machines.  CNN ran constant headlines all throughout the first week after the election, making it seem likely that voting machines were hacked and that Trump’s win was not legitimate.  Now that Trump is the one making claims of voter fraud, CNN is trying to play its audience by tricking them into believing his claims mean something different.

CNN is has shown us yet again, they believe it is OK to be hypocritical to promote their obvious anti-Trump and pro liberal agenda.