Stand up and fight crooked news, America!

fight crooked news

The anti-Trump media in conjunction with the anti-Trump protestors lead by the anti-Trump Democrats continue to beat the anti-America drum that cost them the election. After being trampled by the silent majority in virtually every aspect of their out of touch ideology, they simply shout all the louder. These are the school yard bullies that believe a big mouth makes them a big man. When they play a losing hand, they think that doubling down somehow makes them a winner. All that they are really accomplishing is showing what small, foolish people they are while bolstering the very movement that defeated them.

The far left mainstream media loves to ram their liberal propaganda down our throats each day, believing that we are all idiots willing to take whatever they bring like birds in the nest. In reality, we the people are spitting their fake polls, fake news and one-sided disinformation back in their faces like the rotten grub that it is. These media conglomerates can no longer be referred to as news media. What they promote is far from news, with their singular slant, preconceived and unreasoned conclusions, babbling, mindless, inane, whining commentary from brainwashed boobs who actually think they are newscasters and journalists. They should all get together and make a Mel Brooks movie. That would be a better use of the laughing stock that they are.

These propaganda dispensaries of the left postulate that by calling us names, false labeling us, lying to us, burning our flag, usurping our Constitutional rights, bastardizing our beliefs, refusing our input and denigrating our country that they are going to humiliate us and lash us into submission of their subversive ideology. I find it interesting that the liberals and the liberal press in this country are the exact intolerant, militant, narrow-minded villains that they accuse the right of being. They are the hypocritical, finger-pointing, anti-American, immature products of the selfsame bigoted academia that indoctrinated them.

I honestly thought that we had reached a low point in this past eight years with the fawning, kid gloves that this media has treated Obama with. The softball questions, hero worship, adherence to only the positive, uplifting, romantic stories that they could make up and fly in our faces. Their base refusal to report anything in an unflattering much less negative view even as he bowed to foreign kings and dithered his way through every military crossroad he was faced with. Always applauding his anti-America rhetoric, his smothering regulations, executive fiat, far left judicial appointments, his turning every act of terror on our turf into a reason to disarm law abiding citizens. You know, it goes on and on and on. But then, to see the vicious, foul, obnoxious, seriously depraved and diabolical attacks against President Trump on display by this same media has brought it to an even deeper and unbelievable low. The exhibition put on by these hateful cretins is truly abysmal.

Well the tables have turned. Thanks to President Trump having the courage and the podium to be the mouthpiece of the silent majority, the left together with their lamestream media are finally being exposed as the real phonies that they are. So, stand up and fight, America! The days of being pushed around by these arrogant dictators are over and this is just the beginning. Cast off their false narratives and oppression; sling it back in their faces until they are replaced by real news outlets that are trustworthy, objective and honest. Get on board with your President, be bold and tell it like it is, exercise your First Amendment rights and don’t let the leftist elitists intimidate or belittle you. It is time to take America back and make this country great again.