Don’t let the lamestream media fool you about the travel ban!

Trump Travel Ban Order

The lamestream media continues to display their psychosis, whipping up falsehoods about the current travel ban and vetting procedures instituted by President Trump to protect Americans.  Let’s see, this is “faith based discrimination” according to Obama as some headlines read.  Obama, is apparently in a fit of hysterical amnesia, forgetting about the six times that he instituted travel bans against primarily Muslim countries. Our friendly mainstream media is also suffering from the same amnestic affliction.  These being the same media propagandists who had no problem with Obama’s travel bans instituted over the course of his presidency in 2011, 2012 and 2014. In fact, the seven countries listed in the Trump order are the same countries previously identified by Obama as sources of terror. The countries were listed in the VISA Waiver Program and Terrorist Travel Prevention Act of 2015 signed into law by President Obama who in 2016 also added Libya, Somalia and Yemen. Why is this same provision suddenly so inflammatory and racist? Because of biased media clowns assaulting our minds with deeply ingrained leftist bigotry, that’s why. This is not about race or religion; it’s about keeping a campaign promise to keep Americans safe, a promise that America embraced.

Other headlines state that “zero refugees from countries included in the ban have killed anyone in terror attacks on American soil.” These fallacious meanderings are filled with meaningless, made-up for purpose figures that any reputable national news outlet should be ashamed to publish. As we all know, these countries are hotbeds of terror activity and recruitment. Anyone who tells you that you have nothing to worry about by blatantly importing people from terrorist hotbeds does not care about you or your family or your country. We have had plenty of terror attacks on our soil from people who were radicalized and trained by terrorists in these exact areas! Look at the problems with rape and homicide in Germany at the hands of asylum seekers, aka refugees. Sure, listen to the deluded rantings of the media and welcome chaos to our country.

Now, how about the “faces of who’s affected by the ban” stories. Seriously, handsomely dressed, educated, well-spoken individuals with photo-shopped pics suddenly cast into oblivion by President Trump, yes, all nine of them! How could he strike out these delightful, fascinating, radiant men and women with one abusive stroke of his pen? Only a dunderhead could print a story like this and believe it. There will be some short-term difficulties, of course, were talking about dealing with a global issue here, get real. The plan is reinstitute visas in 90 days once realistic and secure policies can be reviewed and put into place. It really is just common sense that we all understand; not the notorious blacklisting of innocent people that the lamestream would have us believe. We spend billions of dollars protecting other people’s borders, safety and well-being. We certainly can spend a little time and money protecting our own.