The Crooked Media cycle of American division

cycle of division

Tune into CNN and what will you find more often than not?  Coverage of protests!  Oh and rioting too!  Maybe some flag burning here and there…  Why?  Well they cover it because they genuinely love the controversy, and they justify these protests by using fear as an excuse!  The cycle continues over and over again, as the media outlets lie to its viewers, making nearly every action taken by the current administration look like actions of the next Nazi party.  People protest and riot in the streets, burning cars and pelting officers with rocks because they are “scared”.  Then the media covers the protests again!  Outlets like CNN make a fortune off playing its viewers over and over again!

You know who I really feel sorry for?  The local business owners, property owners, and the people that have to clean the streets every time one of these “protests” happen.  Protestors leave the areas looking like a war zone, trash everywhere and defaced property that needs to be replaced or repaired.  Nothing is being accomplished, and if you ask most people doing the protesting why they are protesting or what they hope to achieve, the only buzz words that will come out of their mouths are “hate”, bigotry”, or “racism” – the same thing they are told by the liberal lamestream media on a daily basis.  Protesters eat it right out of the hand of the media while they make all the money and America gets further and further divided!