is CNN fake news? Well, it sure as hell isn’t real news!

CNN Fake

I’m looking at the CNN website as I write today, wondering if anything at all is happening in the world other than President Trump’s apparent annihilation of it. The headlines section, which is the entire top portion of the page, contains nothing but 25 separate articles of Trump bashing, Trump administration bashing, and Trump family bashing. Heck, we even have a centerfold of Stephen Curry shouting down the President in front of the entire Warriors stadium! Just look, in so many dastardly, underhanded, illegal, and I’m sure racist ways this President is single-handedly destroying America! There is not one positive article, not one word of praise, nothing that hints of success or brotherhood or intelligence or hope.

CNN has made the decision to become a political organization siding with the far left, liberal, subversives, acting as a catalyst to fuel hatred, lies, division, terrorism, anarchy and globalism. Cable News Network, give me a break, an entire network devoted to flogging the President of the United States is not a news network, it’s a subversive political network. Unfortunately, their psychosis is shared by the remainder of the lamestream media in our country. These propaganda dispatchers have no desire to get out and talk to or understand real life Americans, the people who handed their ass’s to them in the election. They only desire to continue airing their outdated list of grievances, playing gotcha, and lying to the American people to proclaim their leftist zealotry. 

We need to demand more from our so called news organizations. When the news media is nothing more than groups of cult like ideologues whose main purpose is to demonize, assault, vilify and vanquish anyone who disagrees with their agenda, we are in a grave and sickening condition. It’s time to stand up for what is right. Attacking, lying about, pulverizing and ridiculing our President and his family is not right. We all know that, all but the lamestream, that is. They need to be made aware that their behavior is unacceptable. Fight back, America! Write, email, protest, speak up and refuse to let these elitists rule like kings over you.