Lamestream media polls are often negative and rarely accurate.

fake news poll

Recently,  President Donald Trump has come under fire yet again for pointing out the bias in the mainstream media.  A few weeks ago, Trump was lambasted for saying the negative polls about him are fake news, a harsh but surprisingly true statement when you look at the mass of ridiculously inaccurate polls.  Check out this article over at CNN Money that was posted in response to Trumps comments.  They seem offended but should they be offended by a statement that is technically not false?  I find it sad but also some-what humorous that media outlets such as CNN and MSNBC still insist on publishing poll after poll trying to hide the reality that the POTUS has any support in this country.  These polls are are every bit as inaccurate as the polls that came out in the months before the election, claiming Clinton had double digit leads in many of the battleground states (she lost every one of those states).  How about those polls that said Clinton and Trump were nearly tied in traditionally republican states?  Way Off!  Nearly every one of the polls published by the mainstream news outlets were not only wrong, they were dead wrong!  Not even close!  It happened over and over again!  Was it negligence or was it lies?  We don’t know for sure, but it certainly does coincide with the apparent agenda of the mainstream media, to lie to you and divide Americans against one another.

Now, only months later, they expect everyone out there is actually dumb enough to think these current “approval ratings” polls are legitimate?  Give me a break!  It’s just another attempt to make it appear as though President Trump has very little support.  The reality is he has plenty of support!  That’s why he won the election!  If you were shocked by the outcome of the election it is because you fell victim to these inaccurate or biased polls.  Congratulations, you were played!  Learn from it!

Look, if a polling company or a media outlet that publishes polls have a known reputation of being inaccurate or wrong, it is acceptable to label that as fake news.  Data that is not accurate is not real data, therefore it is not real news to publish.  It is also wrong to use inaccurate or biased poll data to undermine the President of the United States.  It is FAKE NEWS!