“Pretty Birds” eat out of the hand of the Crooked Media

The crooked media has managed to fool a lot of people in this country with their fake news and propaganda, mostly college students.  As a result,  it has become social suicide in this country to not only be a Trump supporter, but to even be neutral on the subject.  If you’re not out there protesting or throwing eggs at people, you might as well be one of the “bigots” that half the country is now seemingly labeled as.  Go ahead and ask one of the protestors what a bigot actually is and you will probably be answered with a blank and stupid stare.

So students and others have found they can get a “treat” from their peers, professors, and the media in the form of acceptance and praise, for simply going out and creating havoc while parroting the same phrases we hear all too often.  The media realizes that if they can get enough people to blindly repeat the same things over and over, more and more people will start to believe it is true.  Because of this, a lot of people who only follow politics casually or not at all, have the idea in their head that President Trump is an evil dictator who wants to “deport” anyone who has a darker shade of skin.  This is irrational fear.  By rallying around the race issue and falsely tying executive orders and other political events to racism and bigotry, the media tricks their pretty birds into repeating their garbage for them on college campuses and at protests around the country.

Who’s a pretty bird?  Are you?