Beware of Reddit’s r/politics sub, it is one of the most biased sources for political news.

If you are a member of Reddit, you have seen one of its largest sub forums called r/politics.  With such a general name, one might think this subreddit would be at least somewhat fair and unbiased.  This, unfortunately, is not the case.  The liberal trolls that plague Reddit as a whole, make sure that only the most biased and far left news stories get to be displayed on the front pages.  Those who take part in the discussions will not allow for any opinion other than they’re own.  You will be down-voted for not blindly agreeing to the crazy garbage that is pushed in these comment discussions.  It is nothing more than sycophantic alternate reality for people who do not want have a real debate or discussion, and wont for one second have their political beliefs challenged.

The stories that do make the front page of r/politics are the most obviously biased news stories that you can find on the internet, much of it borders on or is fake news entirely.  Media publishers such as Vox Media, Buzz Feed and The Washington Post frequently have at least one article posted on the front page at all times.  These faux news websites are hardly real news, though they try to maintain the image of real news media websites.  Don’t be fooled by this subreddit.  Better yet, voice your opinion to Reddit.  Let them know they should clean up the politics subreddit to make it a fair and unbiased place for news and discussion.