Well, well, well. Look what happened in Sweden

riot Sweden

As the news organizations deride President Trump for mentioning Sweden’s on-going problems with Muslim terrorism, rape and murder resulting from the mass relocation of asylum seekers into their country, reality is playing out credence to his comments. However, you will not hear about that from the mainstream media crowd. Reality goes against their grain and is not worthy of publication if it doesn’t coincide with their leftist agenda.

The mainstream is so upset and worried that the President could even allude to the fact that refugees are causing havoc as crime rates skyrocket in the countries who are acquiring them, in this case Sweden. Their headlines read that he is “Making Up Terror Attacks In Sweden”, “Trump Remark Baffles Nation”, “Swedes Dislike Trump”, it just keeps going and growing like the blob from outer space. Then, just two days later, residents in a Stockholm suburb predominantly inhabited by immigrates unleash violent attacks, torching vehicles, throwing stones at police, battering journalists and looting stores. Obviously giving credibility to President Trump’s oh so recent comment, there is no mention of this criminal behavior by the lamestream media. These people are like untrained dogs. They bark and howl when their food dish is picked up, and go chasing after the hotdog tossed to them when the burglar arrives. They are not watching out for you, America! This shameful omission of pertinent news, especially after the way that they splattered his remark all over the headlines to begin with, is nothing less than disgraceful!

The crime scene here could be denoted by yellow tape wrapped around the so called news outlets. Their obstinate omission of true facts and relevant newsworthy stories desired by the citizens of our country is a violation of their crucial role in a functioning democracy. The free press is charged with providing us with honest, unbiased, material facts about our country and the world to formulate our own opinions and politics with. Instead, they have appointed themselves as the opinions and politics and become riddled with corruption, dishonesty and extreme bias as purveyors of fake news. The lamestream media is not trustworthy, has no integrity and frankly are nothing more than the fascist degenerates that they claim the right leaning citizenry of our country is. How well they utilize that age old subversive tactic of accusing your opposition of the exact negative traits that you yourself are made of.