ABC giving us the “ABC’s” of crooked news coverage

abc crooked

The mainstream media continue to embark on their journey down the low road. The folks at ABC news are tripping over their own tongues to paint the president as an idiot. They recklessly leap to denounce everything the President does even to the point of incongruity.

First, I’m amazed that newscasters nowadays are schooled in acting rather than pursuing competence in journalism. Their qualifications consist of being able to verbalize fictitious, made-up story lines with a straight face and semi-emotional voice inflection. I even see many of them now holding themselves out as comedians, as opposed to journalists. I get more laughs from the 6 o’clock news than from SNL! Our news providers have become so far-fetched in their leftist ideology and blatant war on mainstream Americans that they have become a laughing stock, a comedy of errors, a pointless parade of zombies!

So, ABC’s headline news on Monday is President Trump’s tweet about Obama’s wiretapping of Trump Tower without providing any evidence after 48 hours. They go on to postulate how the president could have determined such an erroneous and absurd accusation, all in voice tones of disbelief. First of all, the 48 hours was over the weekend and secondly ABC is quite happy and content to report anything derogatory about President Trump without any evidence. Literally, in their next breath they replay their ongoing false narrative, stating “and all of this amid the growing controversy over the Trump Campaign’s Russian contacts during the election cycle”. Really? Growing controversy? This is a complete fabrication of the lamestream media without any evidence whatsoever. Their contention is that the Trump campaign actually used the Russian government to hack and illegally sway the election in favor of Trump. Even former Obama DNI James Clapper has stated repeatedly and undeniably that there is no evidence of any collusion between Trump or his campaign and Russia. NONE. The lack of evidence here is no problem for the ABC parrots though. They’ll squawk about that all day long.

 When they present Obama’s reaction to the wiretapping claims, however, their voices miraculously transform into warbling, soothing, approving croons. They seriously think we are all imbeciles and won’t recognize their absurd imposture. They surmise that with their more advanced, elitist intelligence they can subliminally induce us into believing in their superior ideals. Wow!

Similarly, as they continue their bottom feeding discourse, they announce the presidents signing of a revised travel ban while showing scenes of chaos at airports and angry people shouting in lines or crying in despair, portraying it as a renewed attack on immigrants and refugees after the “hasty and botched rollout of the initial ban”. Funny how the hideous, incompetent rollout of Obamacare wasn’t hasty or botched; isn’t it? But then, in their next statement, they cry about it not taking effect for another 10 days. OMG, the terrorists will have over a week to infiltrate our country. And they see no discordance whatsoever in their declarations! We’re wrong if we keep them out and we’re wrong if we let them in. Can anyone say looney bin?

Next, they bring up the Republican replacement bill to Obamacare, using demeaning tones and denouncing it with very little info about the details, while showing a backdrop of angry protesters against the new plan. These people are already casting it aside before they even know what it contains. Of course, there is no mention of the disasters of Obamacare with 116% premium increases along with huge deductible increases so that you can’t even use the insurance that you pay an arm and a leg for. Choices are drying up, patient care is going down and it’s just getting worse. Yet these degenerates want us to believe that it’s running as smooth as silk and everyone is happy. We know that nothing could be further from the truth.

The lamestream media is on their way out. They are going down. We Americans are not the sheep to be sheared that they believe us to be. Finally, someone is calling them out into the street and they are getting their asses kicked!