CBS is real news… real biased news

cbs biased

When CBS news displays a big red screen filling poster on their nightly news that says “REAL NEWS”, we can presume a couple of things. First, when someone goes well beyond what’s necessary to let you know that they are something…they’re probably not. Upon watching their news show, we can conclude that the axiom does apply. Secondly, we can easily deduce that CBS has pitted themselves against the President of the United States, actually taking sides and actively mocking our Republican President. This is symptomatic of the chronic mental state of the lamestream media. They are entirely bent on destroying anything and anyone that doesn’t align with the liberal, socialist agenda. This behavior is not that of a news organization. An honest news organization cannot be one-sided or politically aligned to the point of blindness to opposing viewpoints and certainly not combatants engaged in warlike vigor against the People. CBS cannot call themselves Evening News, they are not news, what they are, is deceitful and disingenuous.

The CBS 5 local news leads out with Trumps latest approval rating now at a new low. This is being based on a recent Gallup poll. We all know after the last election that these polls are bogus. But, for CBS this is news that they just can’t wait to tell us in the opening dialogue. Let’s count how many times they rushed to let us know when Obama’s ratings dropped; ummm, yeah. They go on to a little tete-a-tete, about the FBI investigation into Russian meddling saying that the purpose of the investigation is to determine who in Russia helped Trump win the election and who in the Trump campaign was associated with Russia and lied about the connections. Wait…What! Their presentation is a foregone conclusion that Trump won only because of Russian meddling and that the Trump campaign was actively seeking the Russian meddling and lied about it! Are you kidding me! The ONLY feedback we have from the FBI is that there is no evidence that Russian meddling swayed the election and no evidence that the Trump campaign had anything to do with it. This folks is counterfeit news from the REAL NEWS people. Next, they move on to slamming Republicans for not giving a vote on Garland as Obama’s lame duck SCOTUS nominee. But the Democrats, however, oh the Democrats will vote on Gorsuch who is Trump’s current nominee. As if the Democrats are fair and forthright while the Republicans are undermining and treacherous. Seriously, if this was the other way around and the Dem’s had refused to vote on a lame duck Republican nominee, which they would have, and the Repub’s were voting for the new Democratic president’s nominee, it wouldn’t even be on their news program. They deliberately chose this “story” to besmirch the Republican Party. Subjectively taking sides is not REAL NEWS either.

The CBS Evening News (national) gives us the headlines, “No Evidence of Wiretapping” and “President vs. FBI”. These were the headlines, but the investigation that they are talking about is regarding the alleged Russian meddling. So, shouldn’t the headlines be No Evidence Election Swayed by Russia or No Evidence Trump Campaign Colluded with Russians. What does wiretapping have to do with this investigation? I’ll tell you what, nothing. While FBI director James Comey is commenting on the Russia investigation, lamestream reporters, since there is nothing derogatory to report about Trumps victory, nor evidence of Trump collusion for them to report, instead barrage him with questions about Trump’s wiretapping allegation against Obama. So, Comey simply answers their question stating that he has no evidence of Obama wiretapping either, and they make this the headline. Low and behold, they pull out one comment that suits their purpose for a headline and leave out the entire investigation results. They then go on to tell us that the investigation is about the Trump campaign colluding with Russia to sway the election and showing all of the Trump people’s faces like they should be on wanted posters and how they are in trouble and presumably guilty. Then we bounce back to commentary on how the wiretapping was dismissed by the FBI and the NSA. Then more commentary on how the Russian collusion is needs to be investigated more deeply what with all this deception by those Trump people. They continue to ping pong these two stories like they are the only things going on in the universe with one derogatory commentator after another trumpeting these as huge affairs darkening the Trump victory and his administration. I mean literally beating them to death! We have California Representative Adam Schiff with a big interview calling the President a liar, ridiculing him, running him down like a dead skunk in the road. All this from a rep who is nothing less than despicable himself, the interview alone proves that. I put him on the same plane as Anthony Weiner. But he is the man that CBS puts on their prime time news broadcast, certainly not objective or even respectful. When a person or an organization can’t even respect the Office of the Presidency they have no business reporting to the people anything. But when we go to commercial break, oh, there it is; we were watching REAL NEWS.

Folks, real news is objective, honest, and fair; not full of innuendo and hatred, certainly not defamatory or belligerent like CBS. Demand better from the mainstream media. Let them know that you’re on to their game and you don’t like it. Take them back a few steps and make them change their shoddy, misleading, narrow minded fake news.