Mainstream Media, Where’s the beef?

Where's the Beef

Where’s the beef? We all remember the old slogan referring to the lack of substance in the hamburgers that we spent our hard earned money on. Well, time is money and most of us desire to make the most of the time we’re allotted each day. So, we should be asking the mainstream media; where’s the beef? All that we get from them is propaganda and pandering to the likes of far left ideology and elitist liberalism. A case in point is the complete dismissal of the tragedy in Rockland, MD. involving the savage rape of a 14 year old girl by two hoodlums. One was an 18 year old illegal from Guatemala and the other a 17 year old from El Salvador. Both were placed into the public school system into the ninth grade by local officials. They dragged this innocent young girl into the boy’s bathroom and raped her. Neither, ABC, NBC nor CBS reported this story to us even though local residents were outraged by this heinous act against a school child. Oh, these so called news outlets knew about it, they just chose not to report it to America. Their omission is a conviction of amoralism. They are willing to condone the putrid acts of criminal illegals above their call to ethical, informative, vital reporting to the American people. They are so far awash in promulgating their leftist, liberal ideology that they have lost their sense of common decency! They are so averse to reporting anything negative about illegals that they have become impractical and useless. Consider the lamestream reporting on similar cases involving the murders of Kate Steinle and Maria Cruiz-Calvillo and her 3 year old child, all by illegal immigrants and you get the picture. The picture is of broadcast media giants in our country who are devoid of integrity. We need to bring an end to this three-ring circus folks.

I also wanted to follow-up on the previous days reporting on CBS and their “No Evidence of Wiretapping’ headlines. Well, yesterday we received evidence from House Intelligence Committee Chairman, Devin Nunez, that yes, it seems that there is evidence that not only was presidential candidate Trump surveilled but that the information was widely and probably illegally, unmasked and disseminated to low level government officials. Does this to some extent vindicate President Trump, of course it does! However, in the light of this major violation and misuse of power under the Obama administration and the justification owed to President Trump, CBS attacks Chairman Nunez! They even bring in outside commentators pre-primed to assail the Chairman and refute any substance to what he has so courageously brought to the American people whom elected him. Unreal! CBS doesn’t even have the fortitude to admit that they were out of order in ridiculing and persecuting the president when they have egg all over their faces! Instead, they double down on their degenerate news reporting. Here we have a network of infantile poltroons unable to take responsibility for their own misconduct. Very, sad. The only beef I can find at CBS folks, is over-cooked gristle.