Collusion, meddling, smokescreens, and the blatant hypocrisy of CNN

CNN smokescreen

So Don Lemon over at CNN is refusing to cover the Susan Rice story, which appears to provide evidence that the Obama Administration was indeed spying on Trump and his transition team.  This is after weeks of berating Donald Trump for his accusations of Obama’s spying, and dismissing his claims due to a lack of evidence.  Now CNN refuses to cover an important story which would seem to back up Trumps claims!  This is a major news network, refusing to do their jobs and inform the American public of important news, simply because it does not help them continue to undermine the POTUS.

What is the arrogant and pompous Don Lemons self righteous excuse for not doing his job?  He says “We do not aid & abet a diversion”,  Really? After CNN has done nothing but mock the President for his wiretapping claims, they’re not even going to cover the breaking news of spying, unmasking and leaking of confidential information?  This is why CNN is fake news, they only report what promotes their own agenda, which is lying to the American people.  Don Lemon refused to cover a story that would vindicate the President of the United States.  There is more to this obvious bias than just a failure and unwillingness to perform actual journalism.  CNN is still utilizing a smokescreen of their own, how appropriate that they accuse Trump and this breaking story as a smokescreen and a diversion. More on their hypocritical smokescreen later…  But first, lets just humor Lemon’s lame excuse for a moment.  What would the purpose of this “diversion” be?  Lemon claims it is a diversion to distract the American public from the dead horse its been beating for weeks in the unproven Russian/Trump collusion theory that supposedly rigged the election.  Its ironic how CNN has devoted air time to this story for weeks and still there is no real evidence to support these collusion claims.  But the irony doesn’t end there.  While Lemon accuses Trump of a smokescreen, he’s actually trying to divert the American public’s attention to get them to focus on the unproven Russian meddling scandal.

Here is the real smokescreen: CNN itself was meddling in the election and colluding with the DNC on Hillary Clinton’s behalf.  Lets not forget what was found in those leaked emails from the DNC…  ACTUAL REAL EVIDENCE That CNN was working with the DNC not only to undermine Bernie Sanders in the primary, but attempted to directly influence the election.  Instead of fessing up to their colluding and admitting their responsibility for trying to tamper with the election process by attempting to rig the presidential debate, they offer up a smokescreen claiming that this leaked information should be disregarded since it “must have been the Russians”.  The Russians are not responsible for the outcome of the election.  If anything, The crooked and corrupt behaviors of the DNC and fake news outlets like CNN are responsible.  People were disgusted and appalled by what was uncovered in those emails, and rightfully so.  They continue to hammer their audience with this Russian scandal claiming it is “hostile tampering” in the election, meanwhile the only proven fact is that CNN actually was tampering with the election.