To ABC, bias is still more important than backing their president

missile attack syria

ABC World News, although they seem to agree with President Trump’s decision to tactically bomb the air base that was used to deliver the deadly gas attack against Syrian citizens, they just couldn’t quite give him any credit. Our country and the world are in agreement that this warning to Assad was necessary and incisive. President Trump has taken a stand and let Assad know that any use of chemical weapons will not be tolerated and let the world know that the USA is once again a force to be reckoned with.

Right from the start ABC’s reporting highlights were negative. First, they state that the Russians are not happy, and are now issuing warnings to America and President Trump. Second, that two jets have ALREADY taken off from that same air base. They harp on these throughout the program attempting to demonstrate that the Trump military action was ineffective and rancorous. They also show several clips of President Trump endorsing improved relationships with Russia during his campaign, attempting to portray him as hypocritical even though his statements had nothing to do with Russian support of Assad. The real kicker though, is that when they are finally concurring with the rest of the world, that the action was necessary and bold they present it like this – “Trump seemed more like Hillary Clinton”, as they post a screen filling photo of Hillary looking in charge, “As just hours before the airstrike Mrs. Clinton had actually endorsed the move” as they then show a video clip of her saying that we should bomb Assad’s airstrips. Are they serious? Are they actually going to give Hillary Clinton credit for the President’s courage, decisiveness and unflinching character? What a laugh! This is the woman who allowed Benghazi to happen and then lied to us on national television and told us it was all about an anti-Muslim video! She then proceeded, according to statements made by several of the parents of the Benghazi victims, to also relay to them that she was going arrest and prosecute that filmmaker who was responsible for their children’s deaths. Absurd! This was a farce and failure resting squarely on the shoulders of Hillary Clinton along with her injudicious use of a private email server containing classified top secret information. These facts, in the eyes of all but the far left and the likes of ABC News definitively disqualify her as being fit to assume the duties of Commander In Chief. For ABC to attempt to usurp Donald Trump’s soldier like mastery of the situation and attribute it to Mrs. Clinton is preposterous! ABC is a joke.

Of course, the real story here, as the world agrees, is that President Trump has taken over the reins of our team and is discharging the duties of Commander In Chief as a guardian instead of a dithering yellow-belly like his predecessor. Remember when the Obama team told us that they had diplomatically convinced Assad to remove his chemical weapons and verified it. Well apparently, that was false information, as we saw this week in the heart-wrenching pictures of Syrian children gasping in the throes of chemical attack. It should not have happened and would not have happened if Obama had instead remained true to his infamous red line warning to Assad regarding the use of chemical weapons. As we all remember, Obama couldn’t walk his talk and instead tucked his tail and ran, paralyzed in fear, when Assad defied him and used chemical weapons on the population. What a miserable failure.

The evening before the Trump missile attack on the Syrian airbase when the President had spoken about how he was appalled at Assad’s use of chemical weapons and implied that action was necessary, ABC News’s Brian Ross actually puts it like this – “The world is watching to see if the President is now prepared to challenge Russia and its leader whom he has praised so much.” It was an obvious stab at our President implying that he didn’t have the guts to challenge Putin’s support of Assad and also implying that Trump and Putin are somehow buddies, just as they frequently implied throughout the Trump campaign. Well, President Trump did show the world his mettle and once and for all quashed the liberal smears about any benevolence toward Putin. Hey Brian, would you like a little catsup to go with that egg all over your face?

So, to Brian, ABC news and the rest of the lamestream media; there’s a new sheriff in town, and the world is taking notice and applauding the return of the USA as a brave leader and willing contender. Boy howdy, is it long overdue.