Dumbing it down, or just plain dumb?

Chelsea Clinton and the mainstream media are like the blind leading the blind. President Trump’s comments about the Civil War in his interview with the Washington Examiner were above the line of sight for these liberal minds to comprehend. His overarching message for asking “why was there a Civil War” was about working through disagreements for the common good, something that liberals know nothing about. The liberal response to his comment was “1 word, slavery”. Duh, is that as far as your mind can go, Chelsea? Take the blinders off and let the light in, lefty. Are you all still in 4th grade? Come on into the 21st century and open your eyes. It’s not about slavery anymore. Slavery ended in this country over 150 years ago; that’s longer than slavery was practiced in this country. The liberals seem to think that the United States was the only country in the world and over the course of time that practiced slavery. They erroneously believe that we were the only “bad guys” throughout the succession of history. NO, slavery was practiced throughout the inhabited world for centuries before the USA even existed. It was a natural mindset pervasive to humankind that was brought here by the early settlers. There was no evil intent perpetrated by the United State of America to purposely assail only black people and incarcerate the entire race for eternity. To harp that present day Americans are somehow responsible for slavery is a false narrative and intellectually curt. The USA has no obligation to pay for the ubiquitous institution of slavery for evermore. Chelsea and the lamestream really need to get past the Trump bashing and anarchy and take hold of what the People have told them is truly important to their future and our future.