Opinion & speculation masquerade as news on CNN’s garbage pile of a website

CNN is nothing but a garbage pile

go to Cnn.com and you will have to scroll down to get to any non Trump news.  Isn’t it amazing how a supposedly reputable news outlet doesn’t even see fit to put any real news in the first fold of their website?  Their agenda is simply to play their viewers to undermine our president.  They know they don’t have much as far as actual real facts, so they continue to play the accusation game, wishfully speculating and offering opinions as facts.  CNN loves The New York Times, hanging on every article written to destroy Trump, from their miraculous “source”.  Non of the recently released stories have any real evidence to support their claims, yet CNN acts as if we should already be talking about impeachment.  They get away with this because many of their viewers, possibly you, are actually dumb enough to believe all of this garbage.  They are relying on the quantity over quality when it comes to running their anti Trump fake news campaign.  They even comment on their television programs that all of these stories have accumulated so quickly and it can only mean the President is full of scandals.  This is exactly what their plan has been all along.  Inundate and overwhelm the country with fake scandals to dominate and distract anyone from any real issues.  CNN’s website is a garbage heap, plain and simple.

It is really scary, what is happening right now.  The worst part is how many people out there actually fall for this garbage.  Never, in my opinion, has our country faced such an ongoing issue of puppetism and just plain ignorance by many of its citizens!  This is coupled with the most insanely crooked and biased news media owned by a few billionaires trying to control our country.  The more false accusations fly around, the more idiots out there repeat them like fact, and the wheels of anti democracy continue to gain speed, driving us who knows where, nowhere good.  We are all victims here, to giant companies playing us, and we fall for it because half of us didn’t want Trump, and are willing to circumvent the way our democracy works, and the other half is plain too afraid to stand up and say something about what is going on.