At this point, is Russian collusion just a conspiracy theory?

Russian Collusion Conspiracy

Former CIA Director John Brennan didn’t seem to offer too much to back up Trumps collusion myth, the months long top story with news outlets like CNN, MSNBC, CBS, The Washington Post and many other media outlets.

A few days ago, even amidst the breaking story of the tragic terrorist attack in Manchester, MSNBC thought it was more important to cover the Trump collusion story and his supposed cover up attempt to obstruct justice.  They boasted about how John Brennan’s house hearing was going to further implicate and hurt Trump.  “This story isn’t going away” one of the reports boasted, as if to mean the attack in England wasn’t going to distract people from what they want you to hear about instead, anti Trump drubbing as usual.  except Brennan, during his hearing claimed he was unsure if there was actually any collusion, just that there was some interaction.  Doesn’t sound like much to me, especially now that months and months later, there still hasn’t been any evidence of collusion brought forth.  Yet on MSNBC’s article covering the hearing, they make it sound as though Brennan’s testimony helps their false case against Trump.  They try to trick their viewers into thinking that common interactions must mean there was collusion, with no evidence at all to back it up.   Is this not extreme bias?  Is the Trump collusion story just a wacky conspiracy theory at this point?  I think it is fair to say, that at the very least, it is bordering on fake news every time outlets like MSNBC try to convince its viewers that Trump collusion is still a probability.  Should outlets like MSNBC and CNN even be considered “the press” at this point?  They seem more like click bait entertainment and controversy selling twist on reality TV.  It seems lately, like they spend more on air time peddling conspiracy theories and distractions from the democratic process than they do any actual news.

Since the media offered little to no evidence and toxic amounts of speculation and opinion, I’m going to offer a bit of speculation of my own, at least the following is based on some common sense.   Donald Trump didn’t need to obstruct justice or stand in the way of an FBI investigation since there probably was no collusion to hide in the first place.  Since there has also been no real evidence presented for Trumps supposed obstruction of justice, I’m going to speculate that there was no obstruction of justice, just like there was no Russian collusion with Donald Trump.  To date, the only evidence of collusion to tamper with the election, was the collusion between the fake news outlet CNN and the DNC.  (its funny how CNN employees still harp on the freedom of the press fear mongering, even though they should not be considered real press)