The mainstream media is trying so hard to be the victim

trump beats up cnn

After months and months of most of the mainstream media outlets flogging the POTUS and doing their best to make him look as bad as possible, these same outlets are now switching their tactics to try and play the helpless victim card.  It actually suits them pretty well, being the crybabies that they are, scared of everything and trying to make their viewers scared of everything too.

The latest examples are MSNBC crying over a few harmless tweets sent out by Donald Trump on his personal Twitter account about the Morning Joe co anchors.  By the way they reacted you would think he must have said some pretty bad things, but no, there wasn’t much there, he called Mica “low iq” and “crazy” (quite correct, sir!) and talked about her face-lift (lol).  All in all was it professional? No, but neither is the political coverage on the Morning Joe show or MSNBC as a whole.  The network deserves much worse than a few mild insults!

Then of course you have cry baby powerhouse CNN, imo the worst and most irresponsible of all major networks, CNN deserves fines and media credentials pulled after the things they’ve done over the past year.  From trying to help rig the presidential debate they hosted (does it get worse than that?)  to covering the Russian collusion conspiracy on a daily basis with no evidence to support it.  Trump should file suit against CNN and no longer allow them at the White House.  Recently, an under-cover video has come out where a CNN producer flat out admits the Russian collusion stories they fool people into believing are biased and lack evidence.  They even had to fire 3 employees for a fake news story they were called out on.  This was one instance when they were actually caught pushing fake news, but they do it all the time and get away with it.  The 3 employees that were fired were doing their job, and exactly what they were supposed to be doing, but CNN had no choice but to let them go.  I would not be surprised if they continue to receive money from CNN.

So Trump tweets a harmless gif for a few laughs, and pretty adequately sums up how he’s handles CNN’s bias and outright lies, hes taken them down and roughed them up a bit, its a metaphor, but of course CNN is trying to make it seem like a threat.  A threat?  Really, what a joke!  They have dedicated alot of air-time over the past few days over this little video.  They claim Trump is waging a war against the press, but CNN is again lying, for one they are not the real press and also Trump merely tweets his opinions because its the only way he can get through to the people.  CNN will blatantly not allow anything positive about the President to be broadcast via their platform, neither will most other biased outlets. So they cry, and cry, and cry and try so hard to be the victim after all they have done.  They got a little spanking after doing something wrong and are trying to get sympathy from the very viewers they play on a daily basis?  does anyone take this outlet seriously anymore?  CNN is pathetic and needs a time out in the corner.  They act like children and Trump treats them as such.  Its one thing to be a cry baby, but its another to listen to one intently while it dribbles, are you one of those people?

Enjoy this funny little video.  Sure Trump isnt a comedian so as far as CNN is concerned he cant post videos like this, but at least its actually funny (and harmless) unlike Kathy Griffins very unfunny and vile stunt!